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CWEP-0001 - login and account creation process

:champion: Nicolas Chauvat
:last update: 2010/11/30
:status: draft


The current login and account creation process is too complex.

We recently added OpenID, which is nice. We may add soon OAuth, which
will be good. Or maybe we will implement WedID first. Anyway, how many
icons will we end up with in the top right corner ? Right now, on my
instance I can see four: anonymous [openid icon] [register] [log in].


The goal would be to have a single item in the top-right corner
related to authentication information.

When not logged-in, it would read "sign in" in english or "connexion" in french.

When logged-in, it would display your username, as is currently done.

Clicking on the "sign in" link would get you to a page where you could
log in or create an account. That page would display as many different
authentication mechanism as known by the app (looking these up in the

The page could look something like

For examples of such pages, one can look at google, twitter or meetup.


As you guessed, a first implementation is available from the
cubicweb-conference cube.


Please comment.

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