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[requirements] at least version 1.3 of vagrant

Vagrant + Salt CubicWeb bootstrap environment

Install Vagrant :
Install VirtualBox (at least version 1.3.0) :

Launch virtual machine with cubicweb demo provisionned in it ::

  hg clone
  cd vagrant-salt-cubicweb/
  vagrant up

Open http://localhost:8080 in your browser to see a running blog 
demo application.

login: admin
password: admin

What happens on vagrant up

* vagrant imports a wheezy 64 bit template into VirtualBox
* vagrant starts the virtual machine
* vagrant configures ssh access and network redirections
* vagrant launches salt to provision the machine
* included salt states are applied
* the salt states add Logilab's debian repositories, installs
  cubicweb and a postgresql server, and initiates a demo application

Do more

To test more applications or use a dev environment ::

  vagrant ssh

To run salt highstate in the machine ::

  sudo salt-call state.highstate

Make your own wheezy box (to avoid using the user-contributed VM referenced in VagrantFile) : 

   git clone
   cd vagrant-debian-wheezy-64/
   vagrant add box wheezy64