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"""ReST extensions"""

from pkg_resources import Requirement, resource_filename, resource_exists
import tempfile
import urllib2

from docutils.parsers.rst.directives import misc, register_directive

class PkgResourcesInclude(misc.Include):
    """Implement the `pkg-resources-include` directive, similar to the `include`
    directive but taking a pypi project name as first argument and a data file
    within the package as second argument.

    Actual file location will be computed using pkg_resources facilities.


        .. pkg-resources-include:: cubicweb-seda doc/profils.rst


    required_arguments = 2

    def run(self):
        project, fpath = self.arguments

        if not resource_exists(Requirement.parse(project), fpath):
            raise Exception('Resource %s not found in %s' % (fpath, project))

        filename = resource_filename(Requirement.parse(project), fpath)
        self.arguments = [filename]
        return super(PkgResourcesInclude, self).run()

register_directive('pkg-resources-include', PkgResourcesInclude)

class IncludeURL(misc.Include):
    """Implement the `include-url` directive, similar to the `include`
    directive but taking an URL as argument.


        .. include-url::

    def run(self):
        url, = self.arguments

        input_stream = urllib2.urlopen(url)
        with tempfile.NamedTemporaryFile() as output_stream:
            self.arguments = []
            return super(IncludeURL, self).run()

register_directive('include-url', IncludeURL)