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"""Miscellaneous test utilities."""

def create_archive_unit(parent, **kwargs):
    """Create an archive unit and its mandatory children, return a 3-uple

         (archive unit, alternative, sequence)
    cnx = kwargs.pop('cnx', getattr(parent, '_cw', None))
    kwargs.setdefault('user_annotation', u'archive unit title')
    au = cnx.create_entity('SEDAArchiveUnit', seda_archive_unit=parent, **kwargs)
    alt = cnx.create_entity('SEDAAltArchiveUnitArchiveUnitRefId',
    last = cnx.create_entity(
    cnx.create_entity('SEDATitle', seda_title=last)

    return au, alt, last

def create_authority_record(cnx, name, kind=u'person', **kwargs):
    """Return an AuthorityRecord with specified kind and name."""
    kind_eid = cnx.find('AgentKind', name=kind)[0][0]
    record = cnx.create_entity('AuthorityRecord', agent_kind=kind_eid, **kwargs)
    cnx.create_entity('NameEntry', parts=name, form_variant=u'authorized',
    return record