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[itree] Implement moving a child entities at a given index this is only unit-tested for now, it will be actually used by later commits.


This cube implements the SEDA_ standard for CubicWeb. It has been funded by the
SIAF_ and the `SAEM project`_.

.. _SEDA:
.. _SIAF:ériel_des_Archives_de_France
.. _`SAEM project`:

Project is hosted at and source
code at

To launch the tests::

  python -m tox

To generate the documentation::

  python -m tox -e doc

Part of the code is generated from SEDA 2's XSD schema. If you update the schema
or code generator (on of the `cubicweb_seda/xsd*.py` files), to update the
generated code type::

  python -m tox -e make