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Add "txt", "odt" and "csv" extension to file categories vocabulary We only update the file, that will be used in SAEM upon instance creation. We do not handle migration of existing instance.


This cube implements the SEDA_ standard for CubicWeb. It has been funded by the
SIAF_ and the `SAEM project`_.

.. _SEDA:
.. _SIAF:ériel_des_Archives_de_France
.. _`SAEM project`:

Project is hosted at and source
code at

To launch the tests::

  python -m tox

To generate the documentation::

  python -m tox -e doc

Part of the code is generated from SEDA 2's XSD schema. If you update the schema
or code generator (on of the `cubicweb_seda/xsd*.py` files), to update the
generated code type::

  python -m tox -e make