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[schema] Use hook instead of adding composite=True on seda_data_object_reference_id Because when this is not a simplified profile, we don't want the "auto-deletion" behaviour, ie deleting the data object when its reference is deleted. But since we still want this for simplified profiles, reimplement this behaviour using hook+op. Removing composite marker also implies to add/change some setup in various places controlled by the SEDA compound graph, which only consider composite relation. Add individual explanation as comment for posterity. At some point it would probably be desirable to allow *additional relations to follow* in the compound graph (we can only specify relations to filter out for now). Closes #17113413

# copyright 2016 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
# contact --
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
# any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with this program. If not, see <>.
"""cubicweb-seda hooks"""

from collections import defaultdict
import itertools

from yams import ValidationError
from yams.schema import role_name

from cubicweb import _
from cubicweb.predicates import is_instance, score_entity
from cubicweb.server import hook

from .entities import rule_type_from_etype, diag
from .entities.generated import (CHOICE_RTYPE,
                                 CHECK_CARD_ETYPES, CHECK_CHILDREN_CARD_RTYPES)

CHOICE_RTYPE_ROLE = dict(itertools.chain(*CHOICE_RTYPE.values()))

class SetContainerOp(hook.DataOperationMixIn, hook.Operation):
    def precommit_event(self):
        cnx = self.cnx
        # build a mapping <eid>: <container eid>
        containers = {}
        data = dict(self.get_data())  # data is a 2-uple (eid, parent eid)
        for eid in data:
            # search for the container from the parent
            peid = data[eid]
            # climb up to the uppermost parent
            while peid in data:
                peid = data[peid]
            entity = cnx.entity_from_eid(peid)
            # we may run into caching issue if this operation is triggered several times in a
            # transaction
            adapter = entity.cw_adapt_to('IContained')
            if adapter is None:  # we reached the container
                containers[eid] = peid
            else:  # the adapter must know the container at this point
                if adapter.container is not None:
                    containers[eid] = adapter.container.eid
                    assert entity.cw_adapt_to('IContainer'), \
                        "can't retrieve container for entity %s" % entity
                    containers[eid] = peid
        # turn previous mapping into <container eid>: [<list of contained eids>]
        contained = defaultdict(list)
        for eid, ceid in containers.items():
        # and uses it to insert data using raw SQL for performance
        cursor =
        for ceid, eids in contained.items():
            args = [{'x': eid} for eid in eids]
            cursor.executemany('INSERT INTO container_relation(eid_from, eid_to)'
                               ' SELECT %%(x)s, %(c)s'
                               ' WHERE NOT EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM container_relation'
                               ' WHERE eid_from=%%(x)s AND eid_to=%(c)s)' % {'c': ceid}, args)

class SetContainerHook(hook.Hook):
    __regid__ = 'seda.graph.updated'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype_sets(SEDA_PARENT_RTYPES)
    events = ('before_add_relation',)
    category = 'metadata'

    def __call__(self):
        if SEDA_PARENT_RTYPES[self.rtype] == 'subject':
            SetContainerOp.get_instance(self._cw).add_data((self.eidfrom, self.eidto))
            SetContainerOp.get_instance(self._cw).add_data((self.eidto, self.eidfrom))

class CheckRefNonRuleIdCodeListHook(hook.Hook):
    """Watch for addition of concept through seda_ref_non_rule_id_to relation, to ensure it belongs
    to the scheme specified on the transfer

    This depends on the parent entity type and can not properly be handled with a rql constraint,
    since it would require several disjoint constraints, while cw's semantic is that all constraints
    should be matched.
    __regid__ = 'seda.schema.ref_non_rule_id'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype('seda_ref_non_rule_id_to')
    events = ('after_add_relation',)

    def __call__(self):
        CheckRefNonRuleIdCodeListOp(self._cw, parent=self.eidfrom, concept=self.eidto)

# Late operation to be called once `container` relation is set
class CheckRefNonRuleIdCodeListOp(hook.LateOperation):

    def precommit_event(self):
        parent = self.cnx.entity_from_eid(self.parent, etype='SEDARefNonRuleId')
        # generate constraint on the concept's scheme depending on the parent's parent type
        parent_parent = parent.cw_adapt_to('IContained').parent
        rule_type = rule_type_from_etype(parent_parent.cw_etype)
        rql = ('Any C WHERE C eid %(c)s, C in_scheme CS, X eid %(x)s, X container AT, '
               'CACLV seda_{0}_rule_code_list_version_from AT, '
               'CACLV seda_{0}_rule_code_list_version_to CS'.format(rule_type))
        if not self.cnx.execute(rql, {'c': self.concept, 'x': parent_parent.eid}):
            msg = _("this concept doesn't belong to scheme specified on the profile")
            raise ValidationError(parent.eid,
                                  {role_name('seda_ref_non_rule_id_to', 'subject'): msg})

class EnsureChoiceNotEmptyOp(hook.DataOperationMixIn, hook.Operation):
    """Make sure that, when a choice element is created/updated, it is not empty."""

    def precommit_event(self):
        for entity in self.get_data():
            if self.cnx.deleted_in_transaction(entity.eid):
            rtype_roles = CHOICE_RTYPE[entity.cw_etype]
            for rtype, role in rtype_roles:
                if entity.related(rtype, role=role):
                msg = _('An alternative cannot be empty')
                raise ValidationError(entity.eid, {'': msg})

class EnsureChoiceNotEmptyAtCreationHook(hook.Hook):
    """Make sure that, when a choice element is created, it is not empty."""

    __regid__ = 'seda.choice.creation.ensure-not-empty'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & score_entity(lambda x: x.cw_etype.startswith('SEDAAlt'))
    events = ('before_add_entity',)

    def __call__(self):

class EnsureChoiceNotEmptyAtRTypeDeletionHook(hook.Hook):
    """Make sure that, when a relation with a choice element is deleted, the choice remains not

    __regid__ = 'seda.choice.relation-deletion.ensure-not-empty'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype_sets(CHOICE_RTYPES)
    events = ('before_delete_relation',)

    def __call__(self):
        eid = {'object': self.eidto, 'subject': self.eidfrom}[CHOICE_RTYPE_ROLE[self.rtype]]
        choice = self._cw.entity_from_eid(eid)
        if choice.cw_etype in CHOICE_RTYPE:
            # Else this is an ambiguous relation, which in this case isn't
            # targetting a choice.

class SetDefaultCodeListVersionsHook(hook.Hook):
    """Hook triggering an operation to set sensible default values for a transfer's code list
    __regid__ = 'seda.transfer.default-code-lists'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance('SEDAArchiveTransfer')
    events = ('after_add_entity',)

    def __call__(self):
        SetDefaultCodeListVersionsOp(self._cw, transfer_eid=self.entity.eid)

class SetDefaultCodeListVersionsOp(hook.Operation):
    """Set sensible default values for a transfer's code list versions."""
    # XXX factorize with data structure in dataimport?
    complex_rtypes = [
        ('seda_message_digest_algorithm_code_list_version', 'seda_algorithm',
        ('seda_encoding_code_list_version', 'seda_encoding_to', None),
        ('seda_data_object_version_code_list_version', 'seda_data_object_version_to', None),
        ('seda_relationship_code_list_version', 'seda_type_relationship', None),
        ('seda_access_rule_code_list_version', 'seda_rule', 'SEDASeqAccessRuleRule'),
        ('seda_appraisal_rule_code_list_version', 'seda_rule', 'SEDASeqAppraisalRuleRule'),
        ('seda_dissemination_rule_code_list_version', 'seda_rule', 'SEDASeqDisseminationRuleRule'),
        # 'seda_compression_algorithm_code_list_version',
        # 'seda_classification_rule_code_list_version',
        # 'seda_reuse_rule_code_list_version',
        # 'seda_storage_rule_code_list_version',
        # 'seda_acquisition_information_code_list_version',

        # instead of linking those two to vocabularies related to their
        # respective relation (seda_format_id_to and seda_mime_type_to), use the
        # file categories vocabulary for conveniency
        ('seda_file_format_code_list_version', 'file_category', None),
        ('seda_mime_type_code_list_version', 'file_category', None),

    def precommit_event(self):
        transfer = self.transfer_eid
        cnx = self.cnx
        for rtype, ref_rtype, ref_etype in self.complex_rtypes:
            etype = 'SEDA' + ''.join(word.capitalize() for word in rtype.split('_')[1:])
            rql = ('INSERT {etype} X: X {rtype}_from T, X {rtype}_to CS '
                   'WHERE NOT Y {rtype}_from T, T eid %(t)s, '
                   'CS scheme_relation_type RT, RT name %(rt)s')
            if ref_etype is not None:
                rql += ', CS scheme_entity_type ET, ET name %(et)s'
            cnx.execute(rql.format(etype=etype, rtype=rtype),
                        {'t': transfer, 'rt': ref_rtype, 'et': ref_etype})

class SetDefaultDataObjectRefCardinalityHook(hook.Hook):
    """Hook triggering an operation to set cardinality to 1 on creation of a data object 'typed'
    __regid__ = 'seda.doref.default'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance('SEDADataObjectReference')
    events = ('after_add_entity',)

    def __call__(self):
        SetDefaultDataObjectRefCardinalityOp(self._cw, do_ref_eid=self.entity.eid)

class SetDefaultDataObjectRefCardinalityOp(hook.Operation):
    """Set cardinality to 1 on creation of a data object 'typed' reference."""

    def precommit_event(self):
        do_ref = self.cnx.entity_from_eid(self.do_ref_eid)
        parent = do_ref.seda_data_object_reference[0]
        if parent.cw_etype != 'SEDASeqAltArchiveUnitArchiveUnitRefIdManagement':

class SimplifiedProfileSyncDORefCardOnCreateHook(hook.Hook):
    """Hook triggering an operation to keep in sync user_cardinality of data object reference and
    its associated data object for simplified profiles, on creation of the relation between them.
    __regid__ = 'seda.doref.default'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype('seda_data_object_reference_id')
    events = ('after_add_relation',)

    def __call__(self):
        ref = self._cw.entity_from_eid(self.eidfrom)
        bdo = self._cw.entity_from_eid(self.eidto)
        if ref.cw_etype == 'SEDADataObjectReference' and bdo.cw_etype == 'SEDABinaryDataObject':
            SimplifiedProfileSyncDORefCardOp(self._cw, do_ref=ref, do=bdo)

class SimplifiedProfileSyncDORefCardOnUpdateHook(hook.Hook):
    """Hook triggering an operation to keep in sync user_cardinality of data object reference and
    its associated data object for simplified profiles, on update of the data object's cardinality.
    __regid__ = 'seda.doref.default'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance('SEDABinaryDataObject')
    events = ('after_update_entity',)

    def __call__(self):
        if 'user_cardinality' in self.entity.cw_edited:
            references = self.entity.reverse_seda_data_object_reference_id
            if len(references) == 1:  # else it can't be a simplified profile
                SimplifiedProfileSyncDORefCardOp(self._cw, do_ref=references[0], do=self.entity)

class SimplifiedProfileSyncDORefCardOp(hook.Operation):
    """Keep in sync user_cardinality of data object reference and its associated data object for
    simplified profiles.

    def precommit_event(self):
        container =[0] if else None
        if container and container.simplified_profile:

class SimplifiedProfileDelRefROHook(hook.Hook):
    """Hook triggering an operation to delete the data object associated to a
    reference when the later is deleted from a simplified profile.
    __regid__ = 'seda.doref.del'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype('seda_data_object_reference_id')
    events = ('after_delete_relation',)

    def __call__(self):
        ref = self._cw.entity_from_eid(self.eidfrom)
        bdo = self._cw.entity_from_eid(self.eidto)
        if ref.cw_etype == 'SEDADataObjectReference' and bdo.cw_etype == 'SEDABinaryDataObject':
            container = bdo.seda_binary_data_object[0] if bdo.seda_binary_data_object else None
            if container and container.simplified_profile:
                SimplifiedProfileDelRefROOp(self._cw, do_ref=ref, do=bdo)

class SimplifiedProfileDelRefROOp(hook.Operation):
    """Delete data object whose former reference has been deleted in the
    transaction. Expected to be run only if the profile is a simplified

    def precommit_event(self):
        if self.cnx.deleted_in_transaction(self.do_ref.eid):

class CheckProfileSEDACompatiblityOp(hook.DataOperationMixIn, hook.LateOperation):
    """Data operation that will check compatibility of a SEDA profile upon modification.

    This is a late operation since it has to be executed once the 'container' relation is set.

    def precommit_event(self):
        cnx = self.cnx
        profiles = set()
        for eid in self.get_data():
            if cnx.deleted_in_transaction(eid):
            entity = cnx.entity_from_eid(eid)
            if entity.cw_etype == 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
                container = entity.cw_adapt_to('IContained').container
                if container is not None and container.cw_etype == 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
        with cnx.deny_all_hooks_but():
            for profile in profiles:
                adapter = profile.cw_adapt_to('ISEDACompatAnalyzer')
                supported_formats = adapter.diagnose()
                profile.cw_set(compat_list=u', '.join(sorted(supported_formats)))
                if profile.simplified_profile and 'simplified' not in supported_formats:
                    raise ValidationError(
                        profile.eid, {'': _("This profile can't be turned to simplified. "
                                            "See the diagnostic tab for more information")})

    def add_entity(self, entity):
        """Add entity, its parent entities (up to the container root) for update of their
        modification date at commit time.
        while True:
            safety_belt = set((entity.eid,))
            contained = entity.cw_adapt_to('IContained')
            if contained is None:
                assert entity.cw_adapt_to('IContainer')
                entity = contained.container
                if entity is None or entity.eid in safety_belt:

class CheckNewProfile(hook.Hook):
    """Instantiate operation checking for profile seda compat on its creation"""
    __regid__ = 'seda.transfer.created.checkcompat'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance('SEDAArchiveTransfer')
    events = ('after_add_entity', )
    category = 'metadata'

    def __call__(self):

WATCH_RTYPES_SET = set().union(*((rtype for rtype in
                                  # filter out (entity type, attribute)
                                  if not isinstance(rtype, tuple))
                                 for rule in diag.RULES.values()))

class AddOrRemoveChildrenHook(hook.Hook):
    """Some relation involved in diagnosis of the profile is added or removed."""
    __regid__ = 'seda.transfer.relupdated.checkcompat'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype_sets(WATCH_RTYPES_SET)
    events = ('before_add_relation', 'before_delete_relation')
    category = 'metadata'

    def __call__(self):
        op = CheckProfileSEDACompatiblityOp.get_instance(self._cw)

WATCH_ETYPES = defaultdict(set)
for rule in diag.RULES.values():
    for etype_attr in
        if isinstance(etype_attr, tuple):


for etype in CHECK_CARD_ETYPES:

class UpdateWatchedProfileElementHook(hook.Hook):
    """Some entity involved in diagnosis of the profile is created or updated."""
    __regid__ = 'seda.transfer.updated.checkcompat'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance(*WATCH_ETYPES)
    events = ('before_add_entity', 'before_update_entity')
    category = 'metadata'

    def __call__(self):
        if WATCH_ETYPES[self.entity.cw_etype] & set(self.entity.cw_edited):

# XXX rather kill SEDAMimeType and SEDAFormatId if client is fine with "auto"
# cardinality handling
class InitBDO(hook.Hook):
    """On binary data object creation, link it to a SEDAMimeType and SEDAFormatId
    __regid__ = 'seda.ux.autoformat'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & is_instance('SEDABinaryDataObject')
    events = ('after_add_entity',)

    def __call__(self):
        self._cw.create_entity('SEDAMimeType', user_cardinality=u'0..1',
        self._cw.create_entity('SEDAFormatId', user_cardinality=u'0..1',

class SyncFileCategoryOp(hook.DataOperationMixIn, hook.LateOperation):
    """On file category change, synchronize associated mime types and format ids
    to the data object.

    This is a late operation because we have to go back to the container to know
    if it's a component archive unit or a transfer, so it has to be executed
    once the 'container' relation is set.
    # set possible mime types / format ids by joining related transfer's
    # vocabularies to file category vocabulary using the concept's label
    set_mime_type_rql = (
        'SET X seda_mime_type_to MT WHERE X eid %(x)s, '
        'MT in_scheme CS, CACLV seda_mime_type_code_list_version_from AT, '
        'CACLV seda_mime_type_code_list_version_to CS, AT eid %(c)s, '
        'MT preferred_label MTL, MTL label MTLL, '
        'FCMT preferred_label FCMTL , FCMTL label MTLL, '
        # case where a file extension is given...
        'EXISTS(FCMT broader_concept EXT1, EXT1 eid IN ({eids}), '
        #   ... ensured by checking its parent is a root category
        '       EXISTS(EXT1 broader_concept CAT1, NOT EXISTS(CAT1 broader_concept Z1))) '
        # case where a generic category is given
        'OR EXISTS(FCMT broader_concept EXT2, EXT2 broader_concept CAT2, '
        '          CAT2 eid IN ({eids}), '
        #   ... ensured by checking it's a root category
        '          NOT EXISTS(CAT2 broader_concept Z2))'
    set_format_id_rql = (
        'SET X seda_format_id_to FI WHERE X eid %(x)s, '
        'FI in_scheme CS, CACLV seda_file_format_code_list_version_from AT, '
        'CACLV seda_file_format_code_list_version_to CS, AT eid %(c)s, '
        'FI preferred_label FIL, FIL label FILL, '
        'FCFI preferred_label FCFIL , FCFIL label FILL, '
        # case where a file extension is given...
        'EXISTS(FCFI broader_concept MT, MT broader_concept EXT1, EXT1 eid IN ({eids}), '
        #   ... ensured by checking its parent is a root category
        '       EXISTS(EXT1 broader_concept CAT1, NOT EXISTS(CAT1 broader_concept Z1))) '
        'OR EXISTS(FCFI broader_concept MT2, MT2 broader_concept EXT2, EXT2 broader_concept CAT2, '
        '          CAT2 eid IN ({eids}),'
        #   ... ensured by checking it's a root category
        '          NOT EXISTS(CAT2 broader_concept Z2))'

    def precommit_event(self):
        for bdo_eid in self.get_data():
            bdo = self.cnx.entity_from_eid(bdo_eid)
            if not bdo.container:
                # we may have to clear the container cache if the parent has
                # been added in the same transaction
                bdo.cw_clear_relation_cache('container', 'subject')

            container = bdo.cw_adapt_to('IContained').container
            if container.cw_etype != 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
                # don't afford doing this in components which are not bound to
                # vocabularies, it will be done upon import in a transfer
            if bdo.file_category:
                eids = ','.join(str(x.eid) for x in bdo.file_category)
                                 {'x': bdo.mime_type.eid, 'c': container.eid})
                                 {'x': bdo.format_id.eid, 'c': container.eid})

class SyncFileCategoryHook(hook.Hook):
    """On file category change, instantiate an operation to synchronize
    associated mime types and format ids to the data object.

    __regid__ = 'seda.ux.filecategory'
    __select__ = hook.Hook.__select__ & hook.match_rtype('file_category')
    events = ('after_add_relation', 'after_delete_relation')
    category = 'metadata'

    def __call__(self):

def registration_callback(vreg):
    from cubicweb.server import ON_COMMIT_ADD_RELATIONS
    from cubicweb_seda import seda_profile_container_def, iter_all_rdefs

    vreg.register_all(globals().values(), __name__)

    for etype, parent_rdefs in seda_profile_container_def(vreg.schema):
        for rtype, role in parent_rdefs:
            if SEDA_PARENT_RTYPES.setdefault(rtype, role) != role:
                raise Exception('inconsistent relation', rtype, role)
    # manually add seda_data_object_reference_id since it's not composite and as
    # such not considered as part of the graph, but it has to be watched by hook
    # triggering the operation to set the container for the case of component
    # archive unit
    SEDA_PARENT_RTYPES['seda_data_object_reference_id'] = 'object'
    for rdef, role in iter_all_rdefs(vreg.schema, 'SEDAArchiveTransfer'):