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Fix detection of SEDAStartDate within the context of an archive unit in which case we want the cardinality to be editable. To fix this, we've to consider inlined creation view's "petype" parameter. This has probably not be necessary until now becase SEDAStartDate wasn't until recently editable at entity creation time. Closes #17084051

# copyright 2016-2017 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
# contact --
# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
# any later version.
# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
# ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS
# FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU Lesser General Public License for more
# details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU Lesser General Public License along
# with this program. If not, see <>.
"""cubicweb-seda views configuration / overrides for simplified profiles."""

from logilab.common.registry import objectify_predicate

from cubicweb.predicates import is_instance
from cubicweb.web.views import uicfg, autoform

from ..xsd2yams import RULE_TYPES
from ..entities import simplified_profile
from . import CONTENT_ETYPE, copy_rtag
# ensure those are registered first
from . import mgmt_rules, archivetransfer, dataobject, archiveunit  # noqa

# Add arbitrary score using `yes` to overtake e.g. afs for DataObjectReference defined in content
afs = uicfg.autoform_section
simplified_afs = copy_rtag(afs, __name__, simplified_profile())
pvs = uicfg.primaryview_section
simplified_pvs = copy_rtag(pvs, __name__, simplified_profile())

# appraisal/access rules have a single top level cardinality in simplified profile, as well as
# always a start date. This implies:
# 1. force one and only one eg AppraisalRuleRule,
# 2. force start date, but hide it,
# 3. hide eg AppraisalRuleRule's cardinality.

# 3. hide rule rule's cardinality
simplified_afs.tag_attribute(('SEDASeqAppraisalRuleRule', 'user_cardinality'),
                             'main', 'hidden')
simplified_afs.tag_attribute(('SEDASeqAccessRuleRule', 'user_cardinality'),
                             'main', 'hidden')

# 2. hide start date's cardinality - uicfg is not enough since we want it when edited in the context
# of archive unit's content but not of rule entity types

class StartDateAutomaticEntityForm(autoform.AutomaticEntityForm):
    __select__ = (is_instance('SEDAStartDate')
                  & simplified_profile())

    def editable_attributes(self, strict=False):
        """return a list of (relation schema, role) to edit for the entity"""
        attributes = super(StartDateAutomaticEntityForm, self).editable_attributes(strict)
        if self.linked_to.get(('seda_start_date', 'subject')):
            eid = self.linked_to[('seda_start_date', 'subject')][0]
            start_date_of = self._cw.entity_from_eid(eid).cw_etype
        elif self.edited_entity.has_eid():
            start_date_of = self.edited_entity.seda_start_date[0].cw_etype
            start_date_of = self.cw_extra_kwargs.get('petype')
        if start_date_of != CONTENT_ETYPE:
            attributes.remove(('user_cardinality', 'subject'))
        return attributes

class RuleAutomaticEntityForm(autoform.AutomaticEntityForm):
    __select__ = (is_instance('SEDAAppraisalRule', 'SEDAAccessRule')
                  & simplified_profile())

    def should_display_inline_creation_form(self, rschema, existing, card):
        # 1. force creation of one appraisal/access rule
        if not existing and rschema in ('seda_seq_appraisal_rule_rule',
            return True
        return super(RuleAutomaticEntityForm, self).should_display_inline_creation_form(
            rschema, existing, card)

    def should_display_add_new_relation_link(self, rschema, existing, card):
        # 1. don't allow creation of more than one appraisal/access rule
        if rschema in ('seda_seq_appraisal_rule_rule',
            return False
        return super(RuleAutomaticEntityForm, self).should_display_add_new_relation_link(
            rschema, existing, card)

class SeqRuleRuleAutomaticEntityForm(autoform.AutomaticEntityForm):
    __select__ = (is_instance('SEDASeqAppraisalRuleRule', 'SEDASeqAccessRuleRule')
                  & simplified_profile())

    def should_display_inline_creation_form(self, rschema, existing, card):
        # 2. force start date
        if not existing and rschema == 'seda_start_date':
            return True
        return super(SeqRuleRuleAutomaticEntityForm, self).should_display_inline_creation_form(
            rschema, existing, card)

def simplified_rule_rule(cls, req, rtype=None, pform=None, **kwargs):
    # check we're within a simplified profile
    if isinstance(pform, RuleAutomaticEntityForm) and rtype in ('seda_seq_appraisal_rule_rule',
        return 1
    return 0

# 1. don't allow deletion of our appraisal/access rule

class RuleRuleInlineEntityEditionFormView(autoform.InlineEntityEditionFormView):
    __select__ = (autoform.InlineEntityEditionFormView.__select__
                  & simplified_rule_rule())
    removejs = None

class RuleRuleInlineEntityCreationFormView(autoform.InlineEntityCreationFormView):
    __select__ = (autoform.InlineEntityCreationFormView.__select__
                  & simplified_rule_rule())
    removejs = None

# 2. hide start date

def simplified_start_date(cls, req, rtype=None, pform=None, **kwargs):
    # check we're within a simplified profile
    if isinstance(pform, SeqRuleRuleAutomaticEntityForm) and rtype == 'seda_start_date':
        return 1
    return 0

class StartDateInlineEntityEditionFormView(autoform.InlineEntityEditionFormView):
    __select__ = (autoform.InlineEntityEditionFormView.__select__
                  & simplified_start_date())
    removejs = None
    form_renderer_id = 'notitle'

class StartDateInlineEntityCreationFormView(autoform.InlineEntityCreationFormView):
    __select__ = (autoform.InlineEntityCreationFormView.__select__
                  & simplified_start_date())
    removejs = None
    form_renderer_id = 'notitle'

# simplified profil will have a single appraisal/access rule, hence we can remove all the
# inheritance control mecanism: override will simply mean redefining a rule at some point in the
# tree.
for rule_type in RULE_TYPES:
    etype = 'SEDA{0}Rule'.format(rule_type.capitalize())
    rtype = 'seda_alt_{0}_rule_prevent_inheritance'.format(rule_type)
    simplified_afs.tag_subject_of((etype, rtype, '*'), 'main', 'hidden')

# SEDAArchiveTransfer customization
for rtype, role in archivetransfer.at_ordered_fields:
    if not rtype.endswith('agency'):
        assert role == 'object'
        if rtype in ('seda_archival_agreement', 'seda_comment'):
            simplified_section = 'attributes'
            simplified_section = 'hidden'
        simplified_pvs.tag_object_of(('*', rtype, 'SEDAArchiveTransfer'), simplified_section)

# SEDAArchiveUnit
simplified_au_rtypes = set(
    rtype for rtype, role, targets in archiveunit.SimplifiedContentMainView.rtype_role_targets)
for rtype, role in archiveunit.content_ordered_fields:
    if role == 'object':
        section = 'inlined' if rtype in simplified_au_rtypes else 'hidden'
        simplified_afs.tag_object_of(('*', rtype, CONTENT_ETYPE), 'main', section)

# SEDABinaryDataObject/SEDAPhysicalDataObject customization
    ('SEDADataObjectReference', 'seda_data_object_reference_id', '*'),
    'main', 'inlined')
    ('SEDACustodialHistoryFile', 'seda_data_object_reference_id', '*'),
    'main', 'hidden')
simplified_pvs.tag_object_of(('*', 'seda_data_object_reference_id', '*'), 'hidden')
for rtype in ('seda_compressed', 'seda_data_object_version_from'):
    simplified_pvs.tag_object_of(('*', rtype, '*'), 'hidden')

    ('*', 'seda_date_created_by_application', 'SEDABinaryDataObject'),

# SEDADataObjectReference
    ('SEDADataObjectReference', 'seda_data_object_reference_id', '*'),
    'inlined', 'hidden')
    ('SEDADataObjectReference', 'user_cardinality'),
    'inlined', 'hidden')