author Denis Laxalde <>
Tue, 20 Feb 2018 10:12:22 +0100
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Rely on cubicweb-skos's extid2eid mapping during LCSV data import We drop monkeypatches and hacks introduced in 49d118aa8254 in 2016 which were supposed to be transient waiting for a cubicweb-skos release which came a long time ago now. Now we build the extid2eid dict before importing LCSV concept schemes and pass it to store_skos_extentities() so that it will be re-used for all files instead of re-built. Both lcsv_import and lcsv_check functions are updated, as the latter is used in as a kind of "mock" but must respect the former's interface. Also note that we now have to update 'extid2eid' dict after creating a new concept scheme (with init_seda_scheme()): while this sounds perfectly reasonable, I don't completely understand how this works without this before... We update requirement on cubicweb-skos so that the latest release is used (though some previous release would probably work as well, but I'm not sure which and it's not so easy to test).

# for el5, force use of python2.6
%if 0%{?el5}
%define python python26
%define __python /usr/bin/python2.6
%define python python
%define __python /usr/bin/python
%{!?_python_sitelib: %define _python_sitelib %(%{__python} -c "from distutils.sysconfig import get_python_lib; print get_python_lib()")}

Name:           cubicweb-seda
Version:        0.13.0
Release:        logilab.1%{?dist}
Summary:        Data Exchange Standard for Archival
Group:          Applications/Internet
License:        LGPL
Source0:        cubicweb-seda-%{version}.tar.gz

BuildArch:      noarch
BuildRoot:      %{_tmppath}/%{name}-%{version}-%{release}-buildroot

BuildRequires:  %{python} %{python}-setuptools
Requires:       cubicweb >= 3.25.3
Requires:       cubicweb-eac
Requires:       cubicweb-skos >= 1.3.0
Requires:       cubicweb-compound >= 0.7
Requires:       cubicweb-relationwidget >= 0.4l
Requires:       cubicweb-squareui
Requires:       %{python}-rdflib >= 4.1
Requires:       %{python}-pyxst >= 0.2
Requires:       %{python}-six >= 1.4.0

Data Exchange Standard for Archival

%setup -q -n cubicweb-seda-%{version}
%if 0%{?el5}
# change the python version in shebangs
find . -name '*.py' -type f -print0 |  xargs -0 sed -i '1,3s;^#!.*python.*$;#! /usr/bin/python2.6;'

%{__python} install --no-compile --skip-build --root $RPM_BUILD_ROOT


%defattr(-, root, root)