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[entities] Add a safety belt avoid unexpected error in some corner case e.g. while debugging an instance I attempted to display result of 'Any X, C WHERE X container C' with unexpectedly to container for the entity, but I wasn't able to display it because raised an error since len(rset) was 2. Even if the caller may be wrong, it seems ok to not call if function is called in an erroneous context and simply return None in such case.

# copyright 2016-2017 LOGILAB S.A. (Paris, FRANCE), all rights reserved.
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# This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under
# the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License as published by the Free
# Software Foundation, either version 2.1 of the License, or (at your option)
# any later version.
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"""Miscellaneous test utilities."""

from contextlib import contextmanager

from cubicweb import ValidationError, Unauthorized
from cubicweb.rset import NoResultError

def assertValidationError(self, cnx):
    with self.assertRaises(ValidationError) as cm:
        yield cm

def assertUnauthorized(self, cnx):
    with self.assertRaises(Unauthorized) as cm:
        yield cm

def create_transfer_to_bdo(cnx):
    """Create minimal ArchiveTransfer down to a BinaryDataObject and return the later."""
    transfer = cnx.create_entity('SEDAArchiveTransfer', title=u'test profile')
    bdo = create_data_object(transfer)
    # commit and clear cache to allow access to container relation
    return bdo

def create_archive_unit(parent, archive_unit_reference=False, title=None, **kwargs):
    """Create an archive unit and its mandatory children:

    return (archive unit, alternative, sequence) if archive_unit_reference is false (the default),
    else (archive unit, alternative, reference).
    cnx = kwargs.pop('cnx', getattr(parent, '_cw', None))
    kwargs.setdefault('user_annotation', u'archive unit title')
    au = cnx.create_entity('SEDAArchiveUnit', seda_archive_unit=parent, **kwargs)
    alt = cnx.create_entity('SEDAAltArchiveUnitArchiveUnitRefId',
    if archive_unit_reference:
        last = cnx.create_entity('SEDAArchiveUnitRefId', seda_archive_unit_ref_id_from=alt)
            description_level = cnx.execute('Concept C WHERE L label_of C, L label "file"').one()
        except NoResultError:
            with cnx.security_enabled(write=False):
                scheme = scheme_for_type(cnx, 'seda_description_level', None, u'file')
                description_level = scheme.reverse_in_scheme[0]
        last = cnx.create_entity(
        cnx.create_entity('SEDATitle', seda_title=last, title=title)

    return au, alt, last

def create_data_object(parent, **kwargs):
    cnx = getattr(parent, '_cw', None)
    if parent.cw_etype == 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
        kwargs['seda_binary_data_object'] = parent
    kwargs.setdefault('user_annotation', u'data object title')
    bdo = cnx.create_entity('SEDABinaryDataObject', **kwargs)
    choice = cnx.create_entity('SEDAAltBinaryDataObjectAttachment',
    cnx.create_entity('SEDAAttachment', seda_attachment=choice)  # Choice cannot be empty
    if parent.cw_etype != 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
        cnx.create_entity('SEDADataObjectReference', user_cardinality=u'0..n',

    return bdo

def create_authority_record(cnx, name, kind=u'person', **kwargs):
    """Return an AuthorityRecord with specified kind and name."""
    kind_eid = cnx.find('AgentKind', name=kind)[0][0]
    record = cnx.create_entity('AuthorityRecord', agent_kind=kind_eid, **kwargs)
    cnx.create_entity('NameEntry', parts=name, form_variant=u'authorized',
    return record

def map_cs_to_type(scheme, rtype, etype=None):
    cnx = scheme._cw
    cnx.execute('SET CS scheme_relation_type RT WHERE CS eid %(cs)s, RT name %(rt)s',
                {'cs': scheme.eid, 'rt': rtype})
    if etype is not None:
        cnx.execute('SET CS scheme_entity_type ET WHERE CS eid %(cs)s, ET name %(et)s',
                    {'cs': scheme.eid, 'et': etype})

# extra kwargs useful for client lib (e.g. saem)
def scheme_for_type(cnx, rtype, etype, *concept_labels, **kwargs):
    """Create a concept scheme an map it to give rtype and optional etype."""
    scheme = cnx.create_entity('ConceptScheme', title=u'{0}/{1} vocabulary'.format(rtype, etype),
    map_cs_to_type(scheme, rtype, etype)
    for label in concept_labels:
    return scheme

def scheme_for_rtype(cnx, rtype, *concept_labels):
    return scheme_for_type(cnx, rtype, None, *concept_labels)