author Sylvain Thénault <>
Tue, 14 Nov 2017 17:19:25 +0100
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[skos] Add a new vocabulary for SEDA 0.2 languages that will be used by default. See documentation on how this vocabulary has been built and how to restore previous behaviour. Closes extranet #40281602

recursive-include cubicweb_seda *.py
recursive-include cubicweb_seda/data *.gif *.png *.ico *.css *.js
recursive-include cubicweb_seda/xsd *.xsd
recursive-include doc *.txt *.rst *.py
recursive-include test *.py
include cubicweb_seda/migration/data/*.csv
include cubicweb_seda/i18n/*.po cubicweb_seda/i18n/*.pot
include test/data/bootstrap_cubes test/data/*.xml test/data/*.xsd test/data/*.rng test/data/*.csv
include tox.ini dev-requirements.txt cubicweb_seda/makefile

prune cubicweb-seda.spec
prune debian