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[hook] Don't log relations from a concept to another container on the concept Concept are mostly use as 'attribute' caracterizing another container (profile or authority record), we don't expect action of (un)linking to a concept to be considered from the concept POV (and so, we don't want update of the concept's scheme modification_date). Related to extranet #29296087

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"""cubicweb-saem-ref workflows definition"""

from cubicweb import _

def define_publication_workflow(add_workflow, etype):
    """Define a publication workflow for `etype`."""
    wf = add_workflow('publication workflow', etype)
    draft = wf.add_state(_('draft'), initial=True)
    published = wf.add_state(_('published'))
    deprecated = wf.add_state(_('deprecated'))
    if etype == 'SEDAArchiveTransfer':
        wf.add_transition(_('publish'), (draft, ), published,
                          conditions=('U in_group G, G name IN ("users", "managers"),'
                                      'X compat_list ~= "%SEDA 0.2%"',))
        wf.add_transition(_('publish'), (draft, ), published,
                          requiredgroups=('managers', 'users'))
    wf.add_transition(_('deprecate'), (published, ), deprecated,
                      requiredgroups=('managers', 'users'))
    return wf