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[hooks,entities] Handle resources for CKAN dataset Closes #4502967.

This cube enables data publishing to a CKAN opendata portal.


The cube essentially provides an adapter ``ICKANPublishable`` which relies on
a ``ckan_dataset_id`` attribute on the adapted entity. As its name suggests,
the latter is used to relate a CubicWeb entity to a CKAN dataset (the
fundamental entity type in CKAN data model). Most of the synchronization to
the CKAN instance is done in hooks so usually one would set tight security
rules for this attribute, e.g.:

    class MyEntity(EntityType):
        ckan_dataset_id = String(
            description=_('identifier of corresponding CKAN dataset'),
            __permissions__={'read': ('managers', 'users', 'guests'),
                             'add': (),
                             'update': ()},