Modify the front page so that it fits with Brainomics/Localizer
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Modify the front page so that it fits with Brainomics/Localizer
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               <p>The BRAINOMICS project is one of the projects chosen by the Agence nationale de la recherche (ANR) in the bioinformatics call of the Investissements d'avenir program. This website is a demonstration of the project based on the Localizer data (courtesy of P. Pinel, S. Dehaene, T. Bourgeron and D. Lebihan) and allows complex query and various visualization of the data.
 This demo is for now only accessible on the Neurospin network.</p>
 <p>This prototype was developed by V. Michel, Y. Schwartz, D. Papadopoulos and V. Frouin</p>
-<p><span class="badge badge-important">Important: This website is still a demo. Be kind (and comments welcome :))!</span></p>
-<p> <strong>Feel free to play with it (use the RQL input bar at the top of the page)!</strong></p>""")
+<p><span class="badge badge-important">This website is still in beta. Comments are welcome!</span></p>
+<p> <strong>Feel free to play with it! Use the RQL <i>Search</i> field in the bar at the top of the page.</strong></p>""")
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