[migration] Remove incorrect url from card in postcreate, see #2755959
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[migration] Remove incorrect url from card in postcreate, see #2755959
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@@ -50,8 +50,7 @@
               A questionnaire_run X, A question Q, Q text "algebre", A value > 4, SA is Scan, SA concerns S, SA type "c map"</pre></li>
               <li>Query all the Tmap scans for the "auditory calculation" contrast of subjects along with their Genomics data, when we have acquired data for Snps on the gene "CFB":
               <pre>Any S,SCF,FGEN WHERE S is Subject, SC is Scan, SC type "t map", SC label "auditory calculation", SC concerns S, SC filepath SCF, GEN is GenomicMeasure, GEN filepath FGEN, GEN concerns S, GEN platform P, P related_snps SN, G is Gene, G name "CFB", G start_position GSA, G stop_position GSO, SN position SP HAVING SP > GSA, SP &lt; GSO</pre></li>
-              </ul>
-              <p> <strong>You want more !!!??? Go to the <a href="%s">schema page to see the structure of the data !</a></strong></p>'''% session.build_url('schema'))
+              </ul>''')
 create_entity('Card', content_format=u'text/html', title=u'license',