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[pkg] Preparing 0.11.5

Cube for the Brainomics Project, see

Uicfg documentation

In Brainomics, we have experimented a new function for uicfg that
allows to display specific rset/information within the 'attributes'
or 'relations' sections of the primary view.

The display_rset method of uicfg take 3 arguments:

    * the name of the etype concerned by the rule;

    * the section where the information is displayed (attributes or relations);

    * a dictionnary of properties.

The dictionnary of properties must have:

   * a 'callback' item OR a 'rql' and a 'vid' items.

The 'callback' is a function that takes the entity and render an HTML snipet.

The 'rql' is a rql query where the variable 'X' is the current entity. The 'vid'
is the __regid__ of the view that will be applied to the result of the rql query.

It could also have:

   * a 'label' ('' if not given);

   * an 'order' (9999 if not given);

It should be used as follows, e.g. using an etype property:

  >>> _pvdc = uicfg.primaryview_display_ctrl
  >>> _pvdc.display_rset('MyEtype', 'attributes',
                         {'callback': lambda x: x.formatted_description,
                          'label': _('description')})

or with a 'rql' and 'vid' attributes:

  >>> _pvdc = uicfg.primaryview_display_ctrl
  >>> _pvdc.display_rset('MyEtype', 'relations',
                         {'rql': 'Any Z WHERE X relation1 Y, Y relation2 Z',
                          'vid': 'my-view',
                          'label': _('My label')})

or with a 'callback' using a view:

  >>> _pvdc = uicfg.primaryview_display_ctrl
  >>> _pvdc.display_rset('MyEtype', 'relations',
                         {'callback': lambda x: x.view('my-secondary-view'),
                         'order': 2,
                         'label': _('My label')})