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Big Refactoring (BR) of the test execution model Get rid of narval preprocessors in favor of Recipes - Each preprocessing recipe must be run from the "main" recipe (thus we add a ATest.exec_recipe() method that can be called from Recipe execution). - We add a (Repository, checkout_recipe, Recipe) relation, which is the Recipe that tells how to retrieve the code for a given Repository - Also add a (ProjectEnvironment, setup_recipe, Recip) dedicated to perform the installation for a project (compile and install) - Add implementations for these recipes for Python project - Rewrite the quick recipe using this new model

"""unit tests for apycot.repositories"""

import os
from copy import copy

from logilab.common import testlib

import cubicweb.devtools
from cubes.apycot.testutils import MockVCSFile as VCSFile

from apycotlib.repositories import *

def setUpModule():
    os.environ['APYCOT_ROOT'] = ''

def tearDownModule():
    del os.environ['APYCOT_ROOT']

class GetRepositoryTC(testlib.TestCase):
    def test(self):
        vcsfile = VCSFile('mercurial', source_url='http://www.labas.org')
        repo = get_repository({'repository': vcsfile, 'path': 'toto'})
        self.assert_(isinstance(repo, HGRepository))

class HGRepositoryTC(testlib.TestCase):
    def test_co_path(self):
        vcsfile = VCSFile('mercurial', source_url=u'file://' + os.path.join(self.datadir, 'badsyntax'))
        repo = HGRepository({'repository': vcsfile, 'local_cache': 'common'})
        self.assertEqual(repo.co_path, 'badsyntax/common')
        repo = HGRepository({'repository': vcsfile, 'local_cache': 'common/sub'})
        self.assertEqual(repo.co_path, 'badsyntax/common/sub')

if __name__ == '__main__':