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Fri, 14 Nov 2014 12:51:47 +0100
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Big Refactoring (BR) of the test execution model Get rid of narval preprocessors in favor of Recipes - Each preprocessing recipe must be run from the "main" recipe (thus we add a ATest.exec_recipe() method that can be called from Recipe execution). - We add a (Repository, checkout_recipe, Recipe) relation, which is the Recipe that tells how to retrieve the code for a given Repository - Also add a (ProjectEnvironment, setup_recipe, Recip) dedicated to perform the installation for a project (compile and install) - Add implementations for these recipes for Python project - Rewrite the quick recipe using this new model

# an apycot recipe that run unit tests for python projects
import os
from os.path import join
from checkers.apycot import python # trigger registration
from apycotlib import narvalactions as na
# `plan` (narvalbot.engine.Plan) exists in the globals

with na.apycot_environment(plan) as test:
    for pe, rev in test.dependencies():
        # first need to retrieve the sources of the dependency
        vcsrepo = pe['repository']
        # use the correct recipe to make the checkout and ensure the working
        # directory is at the selected revision
        src = join(test.tmpdir, 'src', str(vcsrepo['eid']))
        test.exec_recipe(vcsrepo['checkout_recipe'], rev=rev,
        # now perform the setup process (build and install)

    checker, status = test.run_checker('pyunit')