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[apycotlib] port to narval 4.2 The connection handler is now a CWProxy (cwclientlib), and there is no CreateSubEntity view any more since we can now create File entity using cwclientlib and rqlcontroller.

unit tests for python test checkers

import os, sys
from os.path import join

from logilab.common.testlib import unittest_main, TestCase, mock_object

import cubicweb.devtools
from cubes.apycot.testutils import MockCheckWriter

from checkers.apycot import python

from unittest_checkers import input_path

def _test_cmd(self, cmd, status, success=0, failures=0, errors=0, skipped=0):

    for name, got, expected in (
            ('failures', cmd.parser.failures, failures),
            ('errors', cmd.parser.errors, errors),
            ('skipped', cmd.parser.skipped, skipped),
            ('success', cmd.parser.success, success),
        self.assertEqual(got, expected, '%i %s but %i expected'
                          % (got, name, expected))
    self.assertIs(cmd.status, status)

class PyUnitTestCheckerTC(TestCase):
    input_dir = input_path('testcase_pkg/tests/')

    def setUp(self):
        self.checker = python.PyUnitTestChecker(MockCheckWriter())
        self.checker._path = input_path('')
        self.checker.cwd = self.input_dir

    def input_path(self, path):
        return join(self.input_dir, path)

    def test_run_test_result_empty(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_empty.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, NODATA, success=0)

    def test_run_test_result_no_main(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_no_main.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, NODATA, success=0)

    def test_run_test_result_success(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_success.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, SUCCESS, success=1)

    def test_run_test_result_failure(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_failure.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, FAILURE, failures=1)

    def test_run_test_result_error(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_errors.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, FAILURE, errors=1)

    def test_run_test_result_skipped(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_skip.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, PARTIAL, skipped=1)

    def test_run_test_result_mixed(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_mixed.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, FAILURE, 2, 15, 1, 2)

    def test_run_test_result_mixed_std(self):
        cmd = self.checker.run_test(self.input_path('unittest_mixed_std.py'))
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, FAILURE, 2, 15, 1, 0)

class PyTestCheckerTC(TestCase):
    input_dir = input_path('testcase_pkg/tests/')

    def setUp(self):
        self.checker = python.PyTestChecker(MockCheckWriter())
        self.checker.cwd = input_path('testcase_pkg')

    def _test_cmd(self, *args):

        cmd_args = ['-c', 'from logilab.common.pytest '
                  'import run; run()',]
        return self.checker.run_test(cmd_args, sys.executable)

    def test_global(self):
        cmd = self._test_cmd()
        #XXX should be NODATA but not handle at the moment
        _test_cmd(self, cmd, FAILURE, 6, 31, 3, 3)

if __name__ == '__main__':