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[apycotlib] move checkers/preprocessors to have same organisation in dev and packages various necessary changes: - path updates - import cubes.apycot in tests to be sure _apycotlib is added to path - rename pylint checkers to pycheckers to avoid confusion with package checkers - fix js path in jslint.py why: If you install a pkg, the checkers are installed in:: /usr/share/narval/checkers/apycot/* and /usr/share/narval is added to the path when launching them. In a dev environment, they were previously in :: _apycotlib/checkers/* This required specific paths to make a dev environment work (added in __init__.py). The new organisation puts checkers in:: _apycotlib/checkers/apycot/* The new organisation only requires to add _apycotlib to path to make checkers work. Same thing was done for preprpocessors.

from cubicweb.schema import ETYPE_NAME_MAP
ETYPE_NAME_MAP['TestConfigGroup'] = 'TestConfig'

    # development version
    import _apycotlib
except ImportError:
    import sys
    sys.modules['apycotlib'] = _apycotlib
    from os.path import dirname, join