author Julien Cristau <>
Tue, 17 Jun 2014 14:11:15 +0200
changeset 1530 050d0a67b616
parent 512 d10afd44fd81
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[narval] Fix pypi.upload checker (closes #4002584) 1. NameError for apycotlib 2. NotImplementedError because apycot was looking for a do_check() method, not run() And drop the unused path argument to do_check.

# XXX only for all-in-one or repository config
options = (
     {'type' : 'yn',
      'default' : True,
      'help': ('Is the repository responsible to automatically start test? '
               'You should say yes unless you use a multiple repositories '
               'setup, in which case you should say yes on one repository, '
               'no on others'),
      'group': 'apycot', 'level': 1,