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Make cubicweb SLS independant of cubicweb.instances one For instance, one could only want to install the cubicweb environment without deploying an instance.


Set up and configure the Cubicweb web application framework.

.. note::

    See the full `Salt Formulas installation and usage instructions

Quick start

* set your pillars from pillar.example
* add one of the cubicweb states (e.g. ``cubicweb`` or ``cubicweb.instances``) to your top.sls
* salt 'host' saltutil.refresh_pillars
* salt 'host' state.highstate


Use `apache-formula <>`_ to enable modules.

Additionnal apache configuration

You can deploy additional configuration files to ::

  /etc/apache2/siteconf.d/{{ vhostname }}/*.conf

Create ``all-in-one.conf`` using data from pillars