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 Present state
-The first step is to launch an instance of "ami-creation" on openstack. Use at
-least 20Gb of disk
+The first step is to edit/commit/push the file "variation.sls" so that a:
+salt-call state.sls variation.sls 
+will create the machine you want.
+You can also clone the repository and commit to another hg repo at the
+condition that this repository can be reached by http / https.
+Then, launch an instance of "ami-creation" on openstack. Use at
+least 5Gb of disk (add more if your sls file requires more).
 In the userdata, copy something like (if you do not put anything, what will be
-used will be the latest version from repo):
+used will be the latest revision from the default repo):
 ====== START =======
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 ====== END ========
+The kernel_id and initrd_id are used to specify the 
 you can add an ip to your instance, ssh to the machine and wait until
 everything in /mnt is unmounted. you can then upload what you want to glance
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 in /etc/init.d/ec2-run-ami
-Add the content of userdata as salt-grains (version and address from repo)
+If the userdata is not a script and is not compressed content, Add the content
+of userdata as salt-grains (version and address from repo...)
 in /etc/rc.local
-salt-call state.highstate
-salt-call state.highstate
+  salt-call state.highstate
+  salt-call state.highstate
 (doing it twice is necessary to load new states)
-salt-call state.sls ami_creator_pre
+  salt-call vm_create.create_variation 
+which contains : 
+  salt-call state.sls ami_creator_pre
 which mounts a debian image and creates all the necessary files inside. Then
 update the chroot:
-salt-call vm_create.update_image /mnt/variation
+  salt-call vm_create.update_image /mnt/variation
 and run your state file (if necessary, modify /etc/salt/srv/variation.sls which
 will be executed inside):
-salt-call vm_create.variate_image /mnt/variation
+  salt-call vm_create.variate_image /mnt/variation
 which runs your variation inside the chroot. Finally run
-salt-call state.sls ami_creator_post
+  salt-call state.sls ami_creator_post
 which will extract your image kernel and ramdisk and unmount and resize as necessary
+  salt-call vm_create.upload to glance
+if the correct userdata is available, this sends the kernel, ramdisk and image
+to glance using the glance python client.