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-init-server.sls file to initialize ami-creator and create mounting machine
-init-client.sls sample state file for variation of virtual machine (to be
-modified for multiple variations)
+top.sls : top file for the ami_creator
+ami_creator.sls : state file to have a correct ami-builder environment
+ami_creator_pre.sls : state file applied before the creation of variation
+ami_creator_post.sls : state file applied after the creation of variation for cleanup
+variation.sls : variation file (should be modified depending on requirements)
+variation.top.sls : top file for the chroot
 Present state
-- Resume Openstack image "ami image creation" (id: d4062f13-f26a-4a9a-a61c-613911b22c77) and log on it.
-- Launch salt-call with the creation script.
+The first step is to launch an instance of "ami-creation" on openstack. However the machine is not completely automatic. for now as the user data is not passed.
+when launched you need to log in using ssh and edit the file:
+if there is no file, the state.highstate has not been run:
-  $ salt-call vm_create.create_flavor $image_name None
+  salt-call state.highstate
+  salt-call state.highstate
+(doing it twice is necessary to load new states)
+to put in what you want on your ami image (if you already defined it in the hg repo, it is not useful). Then run:
+  salt-call state.sls ami_creator_pre
-- Create a new instance of ``wheezy 64bits``, clone the repo listed at the top
-  of this file and launch the bootstrap script:
+which mounts a debian image and creates all the necessary files inside. Then
+update the chroot:
+  salt-call vm_create.update_image /mnt/variation
+and run your state file:
+  salt-call vm_create.variate_image /mnt/variation
-  $ chmod +x bootstrap-script.sh
-  $ ./bootstrap-script.sh 
+which runs your variation inside the chroot. Finally run
+  salt-call state.sls ami_creator_post
+which will extract your image kernel and ramdisk and unmount and resize as necessary
+Additionnal Documentation
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-The salt module is working as intended. 
+The salt module is working as intended.
 Optimal behavior of this project