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Thu, 07 Jun 2018 15:13:17 +0200
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Throw an error if HttpHypermediaClient cannot initialize its baseUrl attribute This is to fix "Property 'baseUrl' has no initializer and is not definitely assigned in the constructor." error with recent (2.7 apparently) typescript version.

  - eslint:recommended
  - plugin:react/recommended
  sourceType: "module"
    jsx: true
    arrowFunctions: true
    blockBindings: true
    defaultParams: true
    destructuring: true
    forOf: true
    generators: true
    modules: true
    spread: true
    templateStrings: true
  browser: true
  es6: true
  node: true
  mocha: true
  arrow-spacing: ["error"]
  comma-dangle: ["error", "always-multiline"]
  comma-spacing: ["error"]
  eqeqeq: [1]
  import/first: "error"
  import/newline-after-import: "error"
  indent: ["error", 4, {"VariableDeclarator": 1, 'SwitchCase': 1}]
  key-spacing: ["error"]
  mocha/no-exclusive-tests: ["error"]
  new-cap: [0]
  no-console: ["error", {"allow": ["warn", "error"]}]
  no-multiple-empty-lines: ["error", {"max":1, "maxEOF": 0, "maxBOF": 0}]
  no-multi-spaces: ["error"]
  no-sequences: "error"
  no-shadow: [0]
  no-trailing-spaces: [2]
  no-unused-vars: ["error", {"argsIgnorePattern": "_$"}]
  no-use-before-define: [2, "nofunc"]
  no-var: "error"
  object-curly-spacing: ["error", "never"]
  object-shorthand: off
  prefer-const: "error"
  quotes: [0]
  react/jsx-indent-props: [2, 4]
  react/no-multi-comp: off
  semi: ["error", "always"]
  space-before-blocks: ["error", "always"]
  space-infix-ops: ["error"]
  space-before-function-paren: ["error", "never"]
  - react
  - import
  - mocha