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republish 0.23 which has never been published actually

ChangeLog for PyLint

2011-01-11  --  0.23.0
    * documentation update, add manpages

    * several performance improvements

    * finalize python3 support

    * new W0106 warning 'Expression "%s" is assigned to nothing'

    * drop E0501 and E0502 messages about wrong source encoding: not anymore
     interesting since it's a syntax error for python >= 2.5 and we now only
     support this python version and above.

    * don't emit W0221 or W0222 when methods as variable arguments (eg *arg
     and/or **args). Patch submitted by Charles Duffy.

2010-11-15  --  0.22.0
    * python versions: minimal python3.x support; drop python < 2.5 support

2010-10-27  --  0.21.4
    * fix #48066: pylint crashes when redirecting output containing non-ascii characters

    * fix #19799: "pylint -blah" exit with status 2

    * update documentation

2010-09-28  --  0.21.3
    * restored python 2.3 compatibility. Along with logilab-astng
      0.21.3 and logilab-common 0.52, this will much probably be the
      latest release supporting python < 2.5.

2010-08-26  --  0.21.2
    * fix #36193: import checker raise exception on cyclic import

    * fix #28796: regression in --generated-members introduced pylint 0.20

    * some documentation cleanups

2010-06-04  --  0.21.1
    * fix #28962: pylint crash with new options, due to missing stats data while
      writing the Statistics by types report

    * updated man page to 0.21 or greater command line usage (fix debian #582494)

2010-05-11  --  0.21.0
    * command line updated (closes #9774, #9787, #9992, #22962):

    * all enable-* / disable-* options have been merged into --enable / --disable

    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE CHANGE: short name of --errors-only becomes -E, -e being
       affected to --enable

    * pylint --help output much simplified, with --long-help available to get the
       complete one

    * revisited gui, thanks to students from Toronto university (they are great
     contributors to this release!)

    * fix #21591: html reporter produces no output if reports is set to 'no'

    * fix #4581: not Missing docstring (C0111) warning if a method is overridden

    * fix #4683: Non-ASCII characters count double if utf8 encode

    * fix #9018: when using defining-attr-method, method order matters

    * fix #4595: Comma not followed by a space should not occurs on trailing comma
     in list/tuple/dict definition

    * fix #22585: [Patch] fix man warnings for pyreverse.1 manpage

    * fix #20067: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'name' with with

2010-03-01  --  0.20.0
    * fix #19498: fix windows batch file

    * fix #19339: pylint.el : non existing py-mod-map
      (closes Debian Bug report logs - #475939)

    * implement #18860, new W0199 message on assert (a, b)

    * implement #9776, 'W0150' break or return statement in finally block may
      swallow exception.

    * fix #9263, __init__ and __new__ are checked for unused arguments

    * fix #20991, class scope definitions ignored in a genexpr

    * fix #5975, Abstract intermediate class not recognized as such

    * fix #5977, yield and return statement have their own counters, no more R0911
      (Too many return statements) when a function have many yield stamtements

    * implement #5564, function / method arguments with leading "_" are ignored in
      arguments / local variables count.

    * implement #9982, E0711 specific error message when raising NotImplemented

    * remove --cache-size option

2009-12-18  --  0.19.0
    * implement #18947, #5561: checker for function arguments

    * include James Lingard string format checker

    * include simple message (ids) listing by Vincent Férotin (#9791)

    * --errors-only does not hide fatal error anymore

    * include james Lingard patches for ++/-- and duplicate key in dicts

    * include James Lingard patches for function call arguments checker

    * improved flymake code and doc provided by Derek Harland

    * refactor and fix the imports checker

    * fix #18862: E0601 false positive with lambda functions

    * fix #8764: More than one statement on a single line false positive with

    * fix #9215: false undefined variable error in lambda function

    * fix for w0108 false positive (Nathaniel)

    * fix test/

    * #5821 added a utility function to run pylint in another process (patch provide by Vincent Férotin)

2009-03-25  --  0.18.0
    * tests ok with python 2.4, 2.5, 2.6. 2.3 not tested

    * fix #8687, W0613 false positive on inner function

    * fix #8350, C0322 false positive on multi-line string

    * fix #8332: set E0501 line no to the first line where non ascii character
      has been found

    * avoid some E0203 / E0602 false negatives by detecting respectively
      AttributeError / NameError

    * implements #4037: don't issue W0142 (* or ** magic) when they are barely
      passed from */** arguments

    * complete #5573: more complete list of special methods, also skip W0613
      for python internal method

    * don't show information messages by default

    * integration of Yuen Ho Wong's patches on emacs lisp files

2009-03-19  --  0.17.0
    * semicolon check : move W0601 to W0301

    * remove rpython : remove all rpython checker, modules and tests

    * astng 0.18 compatibility: support for _ast module modifies interfaces

2009-01-28  --  0.16.0
    * change [en|dis]able-msg-cat options: only accept message categories
      identified by their first letter (eg IRCWEF) without the need for comma
      as separator

    * add epylint.bat script to fix Windows installation

    * setuptools/easy_install support

    * include a modified version of Maarten ter Huurne patch to avoid W0613
      warning on arguments from overridden method

    * implement #5575  drop dumb W0704 message) by adding W0704 to ignored
      messages by default

    * new W0108 message, checking for suspicious lambda (provided by  Nathaniel

    * fix W0631, false positive reported by Paul Hachmann

    * fix #6951: false positive with W0104

    * fix #6949

    * patches by Mads Kiilerich:

    * implement #4691, make pylint exits with a non zero return
	  status if any messages other then Information are issued

    * fix #3711, #5626 (name resolution bug w/ decorator and class members)

    * fix #6954

2008-10-13  --  0.15.2
    * fix #5672: W0706 weirdness ( W0706 removed )

    * fix #5998: documentation points to wrong url for mailing list

    * fix #6022: no error message on wrong module names

    * fix #6040: pytest doesn't run test/

2008-09-15  --  0.15.1
    * fix #4910: default values are missing in manpage

    * fix #5991: missing files in 0.15.0 tarball

    * fix #5993: epylint should work with python 2.3

2008-09-10  --  0.15.0
    * include pyreverse package and class diagram generation

    * included Stefan Rank's patch to deal with 2.4 relative import

    * included Robert Kirkpatrick's tutorial and typos fixes

    * fix bug in reenabling message

    * fix #2473: invoking pylint on (hopefully)

    * typecheck: acquired-members option has been dropped in favor of the more
      generic generated-members option. If the zope option is set, the behaviour
      is now to add some default values to generated-members.

    * flymake integration: added bin/epylint and elisp/pylint-flymake.el

2008-01-14  --  0.14.0
    * fix #3733: Messages (dis)appear depending on order of file names

    * fix #4026: pylint.el should require compile

    * fix a bug in colorized reporter, spotted by Dave Borowitz

    * applied patch from Stefan Rank to avoid W0410 false positive when
      multiple "from __future__" import statements

    * implement #4012: flag back tick as deprecated (new W0333 message)

    * new ignored-class option on typecheck checker allowing to skip members
      checking based on class name (patch provided by Thomas W Barr)

2007-06-07  --  0.13.2
    * fix disable-checker option so that it won't accidentally enable the
      rpython checker which is disabled by default

    * added note about the gedit plugin into documentation

2007-03-02  --  0.13.1
    * fix some unexplained 0.13.0 packaging issue which led to a bunch of
      files missing from the distribution

2007-02-28  --  0.13.0
    * new RPython (Restricted Python) checker for PyPy fellow or people
      wanting to get a compiled version of their python program using the
      translator of the PyPy project. For more information about PyPy or
      RPython, visit

    * new E0104 and E0105 messages introduced to respectively warn about
      "return" and "yield" outside function or method

    * new E0106 message when "yield" and "return something" are mixed in a
      function or method

    * new W0107 message for unnecessary pass statement

    * new W0614 message to differentiate between unused `import X` and
      unused `from X import *` (#3209, patch submitted by Daniel Drake)

    * included Daniel Drake's patch to have a different message E1003 instead of
      E1001 when a missing member is found but an inference failure has been 

    * msvs reporter for Visual Studio line number reporting (#3285)

    * allow disable-all option inline (#3218, patch submitted by Daniel Drake)

    * --init-hook option to call arbitrary code necessary to set
      environment (eg sys.path) (#3156)

    * One more Daniel's patch fixing a command line option parsing
      problem, this'll definitely be the DDrake release :)

    * fix #3184: crashes on "return" outside function

    * fix #3205: W0704 false positive

    * fix #3123: W0212 false positive on static method

    * fix #2485: W0222 false positive

    * fix #3259: when a message is explicitly enabled, check the checker
      emitting it is enabled

2006-11-23  --  0.12.2
    * fix #3143: W0233 bug w/ YES objects

    * fix #3119: Off-by-one error counting lines in a file

    * fix #3117: ease sys.stdout overriding for reporters

    * fix #2508: E0601 false positive with lambda

    * fix #3125: E1101 false positive and a message duplication. Only the last part
      is actually fixed since the initial false positive is due to dynamic setting of
      attributes on the decimal.Context class.

    * fix #3149: E0101 false positives and introduced E0100 for generator __init__

    * fixed some format checker false positives

2006-09-25  --  0.12.1
    * fixed python >= 2.4 format false positive with multiple lines statement

    * fixed some 2.5 issues

    * fixed generator expression scope bug (depends on astng 0.16.1)

    * stop requiring __revision__

2006-08-10  --  0.12.0
    * usability changes:

        - parseable, html and color options are now handled by a single
	output-format option
        - enable-<checkerid> and disable-all options are now handled by
	two (exclusive) enable-checker and disable-checker options 
	taking a comma separated list of checker names as value
        - renamed debug-mode option to errors-only

    * started a reference user manual

    * new W0212 message for access to protected member from client code
      (close #14081)

    * new W0105 and W0106 messages extracted from W0104 (statement seems
      to have no effect) respectively when the statement is actually string
      (that's sometimes used instead of comments for documentation) or an
      empty  statement generated by a useless semicolon

    * reclassified W0302 to C0302

    * fix so that global messages are not anymore connected to the last
      analyzed module (close #10106)

    * fix some bugs related to local disabling of messages

    * fix cr/lf pb when generating the rc file on windows platforms

2006-04-19  --  0.11.0
    * fix crash caused by the exceptions checker in some case

    * fix some E1101 false positive with abstract method or classes defining

    * dirty fix to avoid "_socketobject" has not "connect" member. The actual
      problem is that astng isn't able to understand the code used to create 
      socket.socket object with exec

    * added an option in the similarity checker to ignore docstrings, enabled
      by default

    * included patch from Benjamin Niemann to allow block level
      enabling/disabling of messages

2006-03-06  --  0.10.0
    * WARNING, this release include some configuration changes (see below),
      so you may have to check and update your own configuration file(s) if
      you use one

    * this release require the 0.15 version of astng or superior (it will save
      you a lot of pylint crashes...)

    * W0705 has been reclassified to E0701, and is now detecting more
      inheriting problem, and a false positive when empty except clause is
      following an Exception catch has been fixed (close #10422)

    * E0212 and E0214 (metaclass/class method should have mcs/cls as first
      argument have been reclassified to C0202 and C0203 since this not as
      well established as "self" for instance method (E0213)

    * W0224 has been reclassified into F0220 (failed to resolve interfaces
      implemented by a class)   

    * a new typecheck checker, introducing the following checks:

        - E1101, access to unexistent member (implements #10430), remove
          the need of E0201 and so some options has been moved from the
          classes checker to this one
        - E1102, calling a non callable object
        - E1111 and W1111 when an assignment is done on a function call but the
          inferred function returns None (implements #10431) 

    * change in the base checker:

        - checks module level and instance attribute names (new const-rgx
          and attr-rgx configuration option) (implements #10209  and
        - list comprehension and generator expression variables have their
          own regular expression  (the inlinevar-rgx option) (implements
        - the C0101 check with its min-name-length option has
          been removed (this can be specified in the regxp after all...)
        - W0103 and W0121 are now handled by the variables checker
          (W0103 is now W0603 and W0604 has been splitted into different messages)
        - W0131 and W0132 messages  have been reclassified to C0111 and
          C0112 respectively 
        - new W0104 message on statement without effect

    * regexp support for dummy-variables (dummy-variables-rgx option
      replace dummy-variables) (implements #10027)

    * better global statement handling, see W0602, W0603, W0604 messages
      (implements #10344 and #10236)

    * --debug-mode option, disabling all checkers without error message
      and filtering others to only display error

    * fixed some R0201 (method could be a function) false positive

2006-01-10  --  0.9.0
    * a lot of updates to follow astng 0.14 API changes, so install
      logilab-astng  0.14 or greater before using this version of pylint

    * checker number 10 ! newstyle will search for problems regarding old
      style / new style classes usage problems (rely on astng 0.14 new
      style detection feature)

    * new 'load-plugins' options to load additional pylint plugins (usable
      from the command line or from a configuration file) (implements

    * check if a "pylintrc" file exists in the current working directory
      before using the one specified in the PYLINTRC environment variable
      or the default ~/.pylintrc or /etc/pylintrc

    * fixed W0706 (Identifier used to raise an exception is assigned...)
      false positive and reraising a catched exception instance

    * fixed E0611 (No name get in module blabla) false positive when accessing
      to a class'__dict__

    * fixed some E0203 ("access to member before its definition") false

    * fixed E0214 ("metaclass method first argument should be mcs) false
      positive with staticmethod used on a metaclass 

    * fixed packaging which was missing the test/regrtest_data directory

    * W0212 (method could be a function) has been reclassified in the
      REFACTOR category as R0201, and is no more considerer when a method
      overrides an abstract method from an ancestor class

    * include module name in W0401 (wildcard import), as suggested by

    * when using the '--parseable', path are written relative to the
      current working directory if in a sub-directory of it (#9789)

    * 'pylint --version' shows logilab-astng and logilab-common versions

    * fixed pylint.el to handle space in file names

    * misc lint style fixes

2005-11-07  --  0.8.1
    * fix "deprecated module" false positive when the code imports a
      module whose name starts with a deprecated module's name (close

    * fix "module has no name __dict__" false positive (close #10039)

    * fix "access to undefined variable __path__" false positive (close

    * fix "explicit return in __init__" false positive when return is
      actually in an inner function (close #10075)

2005-10-21  --  0.8.0
    * check names imported from a module exists in the module (E0611),
      patch contributed by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc

    * print a warning (W0212) for methods that could be a function
      (implements #9100)

    * new --defining-attr-methods option on classes checker

    * new --acquired-members option on the classes checker, used when
      --zope=yes to avoid false positive on acquired attributes (listed
      using this new option) (close #8616)

    * generate one E0602 for each use of an undefined variable
      (previously, only one for the first use but not for the following)
      (implements #1000)

    * make profile option saveable

    * fix Windows .bat file,  patch contributed by Amaury Forgeot d'Arc

    * fix one more false positive for E0601 (access before definition)
      with for loop such as "for i in range(10): print i" (test 

    * fix false positive for E0201 (undefined member) when accessing to
      __name__ on a class object

    * fix astng checkers traversal order

    * fix bug in format checker when parsing a file from a platform
      using different new line characters (close #9239)

    * fix encoding detection regexp

    * fix --rcfile handling (support for --rcfile=file, close #9590)

2005-05-27  --  0.7.0
    * WARNING: pylint is no longer a logilab subpackage. Users may have to
      manually remove the old logilab/pylint directory.

    * introduce a new --additional-builtins option to handle user defined

    * --reports option has now -r as short alias, and -i for --include-ids

    * fix a bug in the variables checker which may causing some false
      positives when variables are defined and used within the same
      statement (test func_noerror_defined_and_used_on_same_line)

    * this time, real fix of the "disable-msg in the config file" problem,
      test added to unittest_lint

    * fix bug with --list-messages and python -OO

    * fix possible false positive for W0201

2005-04-14  --  0.6.4
    * allow to parse files without extension when a path is given on the
      command line (test noext)

    * don't fail if we are unable to read an inline option  (e.g. inside a
      module), just produce an information message (test func_i0010)

    * new message E0103 for break or continue outside loop (close #8883,
      test func_continue_not_in_loop)

    * fix bug in the variables checker, causing non detection of some
      actual name error (close #8884, test

    * fix bug in the classes checker which was making pylint crash if
      "object" is assigned in a class inheriting from it (test 

    * fix problem with the similar checker when related options are
      defined in a configuration file

    * new --generate-man option to generate pylint's man page (require the
      latest logilab.common (>= 0.9.3)

    * packaged (generated...) man page

2005-02-24  --  0.6.3
    * fix scope problem which may cause false positive and true negative
      on E0602

    * fix problem with some options such as disable-msg causing error when
      they are coming from the configuration file

2005-02-16  --  0.6.2
    * fix false positive on E0201 ("access to undefined member") with

    * fix false positive on E0203 ("access to member before its
      definition") when attributes are defined in a parent class

    * fix false positive on W0706 ("identifier used to raise an exception
      assigned to...")

    * fix interpretation of "\t" as value for the indent-string
      configuration variable

    * fix --rcfile so that --rcfile=pylintrc (only --rcfile pylintrc was
      working in earlier release)

    * new raw checker example in the examples/ directory

2005-02-04  --  0.6.1
    * new --rcfile option to specify the configuration file without the
      PYLINTRC environment variable

    * added an example module for a custom pylint checker (see the
      example/ directory)

    * some fixes to handle fixes in common 0.9.1 (should however still working
      with common 0.9.0, even if upgrade is recommended)

2005-01-20  --  0.6.0
    * refix pylint emacs mode

    * no more traceback when just typing "pylint"

    * fix a bug which may cause crashes on resolving parent classes

    * fix problems with the format checker: don't chock on files
      containing multiple CR, avoid C0322, C0323, C0324 false positives
      with triple quoted string with quote inside 

    * correctly detect access to member defined latter in __init__ method

    * now depends on common 0.8.1 to fix problem with interface resolution
      (close #8606)	

    * new --list-msgs option describing available checkers and their

    * added windows specific documentation to the README file, contributed
      by Brian van den Broek

    * updated doc/features.txt (actually this file is now generated using
      the --list-msgs option), more entries into the FAQ

    * improved tests coverage

2004-10-19  --  0.5.0
    * avoid to import analyzed modules !

    * new Refactor and Convention message categories. Some Warnings have been
      remaped into those new categories

    * added "similar", a tool to find copied and pasted lines of code,
      both using a specific command line tool and integrated as a
      pylint's checker

    * imports checker may report import dependencies as a dot graph

    * new checker regrouping most Refactor detection (with some new metrics)

    * more command line options storable in the configuration file

    * fix bug with total / undocumented number of methods

2004-07-08  --  0.4.2
    * fix pylint emacs mode

    * fix classes checkers to handler twisted interfaces

2004-05-14  --  0.4.1
    * fix the script to allow bdist_winst (well, the generated
      installer has not been tested...) with the necessary
      logilab/ file

    * fix file naming convention as suggested by Andreas Amoroso

    * fix stupid crash bug with bad method names

2004-05-10  --  0.4.0
    * fix file path with --parsable

    * --parsable option has been renamed to --parseable

    * added patch from Andreas Amoroso to output message to files instead
      of standard output

    * added Run to the list of correct variable names

    * fix variable names regexp and checking of local classes names

    * some basic handling of metaclasses

    * no-docstring-rgx apply now on classes too

    * new option to specify a different regexp for methods than for

    * do not display the evaluation report when no statements has been

    * fixed crash with a class nested in a method

    * fixed format checker to deals with triple quoted string and
      lines with code and comment mixed

    * use logilab.common.ureports to layout reports

2004-02-17  --  0.3.3
    * added a parsable text output, used when the --parsable option is

    * added an emacs mode using this output, available in the distrib's
      elisp directory

    * fixed some typos in messages

    * change include-ids options to yn, and allow it to be in the
      configuration file

    * do not chock on corrupted stats files

    * fixed bug in the format checker which may stop pylint execution

    * provide scripts for unix and windows to wrap the minimal pylint tk

2003-12-23  --  0.3.2
    * html-escape messages in the HTML reporter (bug reported by Juergen

    * added "TODO" to the list of default note tags

    * added "rexec" to the list of default deprecated modules

    * fixed typos in some messages

2003-12-05  --  0.3.1
    * bug fix in format and classes checkers

    * remove print statement from imports checkers

    * provide a simple tk gui, essentially useful for windows users

2003-11-20  --  0.3.0
    * new exceptions checker, checking for string exception and empty
      except clauses.

    * imports checker checks for reimport of modules

    * classes checker checks for calls to ancestor's __init__ and abstract
      method not overridden. It doesn't complain anymore for unused import in
      __init__ files, and provides a new option ignore-interface-methods,
      useful when you're using zope Interface implementation in your project

    * base checker checks for black listed builtins call (controled by the
      bad-functions option) and for use of * and **

    * format checker checks for use of <> and "l" as long int marker

    * major internal API changes

    * use the rewrite of astng, based on compiler.ast

    * added unique id for messages, as suggested by Wolfgang Grafen

    * added unique id for reports

    * can take multiple modules or files as argument

    * new options command line options : --disable-msg, --enable-msg,
      --help-msg, --include-ids, --reports, --disable-report, --cache-size

    * --version shows the version of the python interpreter

    * removed some options which are now replaced by [en|dis]able-msg, or

    * read disable-msg and enable-msg options in source files (should be
      in comments on the top of the file, in the form
      "# pylint: disable-msg=W0402"

    * new message for modules importing themselves instead of the "cyclic
      import" message

    * fix bug with relative and cyclic imports

    * fix bug in imports checker (cycle was not always detected)

    * still fixes in format checker : don't check comment and docstring,
      check first line after an indent

    * black and white list now apply to all identifiers, not only
      variables,  so changed the configuration option from
      (good|bad)-variable-names to (good|bad)-names

    * added string, rexec and Bastion to the default list of deprecated

    * do not print redefinition warning for function/class/method defined
      in mutually exclusive branches

2003-10-10  --  0.2.1
    * added some documentation, fixed some typos

    * set environment variable PYLINT_IMPORT to 1 during pylint execution.

    * check that variables "imported" using the global statement exist

    * indentation problems are now warning instead of errors

    * fix checkers.initialize to try to load all files with a known python
      extension (patch from wrobell)

    * fix a bunch of messages

    * fix sample configuration file

    * fix the bad-construction option

    * fix encoding checker

    * fix format checker

2003-09-12  --  0.2.0
    * new source encoding / FIXME checker (pep 263)

    * new --zope option which trigger Zope import. Useful to check Zope
      products code.

    * new --comment option which enable the evaluation note comment
      (disabled by default).

    * a ton of bug fixes

    * easy functional test infrastructure

2003-06-18  --  0.1.2
    * bug fix release

    * remove dependency to pyreverse

2003-06-01  --  0.1.1
    * much more functionalities !

2003-05-19  --  0.1
    * initial release